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JLMS provides a comprehensive direct mailing production service. Jerry Lake Mailing Service has the ability to perform all of your direct mail and marketing requirements. Utilizing Digital Variable Data Printing VDP and the latest internet technologies to bring your target marketing into the future. We aid you clarify your campaign objectives and focus your initiatives.

Since 1993, Temberton Associates has been helping Fortune 500 firms improve their bottom lines by using cutting edge data management, data mining, and statistical modeling techniques to measure, understand, and grow their businesses. Ben Gold, President, has been delivering data management, CRM Customer Relationship Management analytics, risk management, and business decision support services to the

Revolutionize your medical promotion by increasing both the reach and quality of your messages to a wider audience of physicians and other healthcare influencers. The McKinsey study suggests that a medical representative gets an opportunity to speak with a physician in only one out of five office visits - and for just less than two minutes.

Sally Handley. is dedicated to assisting you see a return on your marketing investment. Help you identify and reach prospective customers. Assist you in communicating your value. Train you and your team to identify leads and network to suit new contacts. Develop a strategic marketing effort based on your unique strengths and experience. Start winning the work you want.

At Janet Penn Consulting JPC, our eyes can capture the essence of your potential and chart a clear path to it. We combine strategic thinking and advanced technical skills in IT and data management while delivering superb software data solutions. Let us show you how to achieve high conversion rates and gain your maximum potential.

The Bender Hammerling Group BHG is a multi-dimensional marketing company specializing in the design and implementation of strategic public relations programs. We are a true boutique, limited by corporate charter to 20 accounts at any time, which allows us to supply the individualized attention our customers require.

Nice businesses work within a well-defined set of capabilities. Everyone knows what to do and how to do it. The problem: nothing new happens. It's a recipe for standing still. Truly successful businesses work at a higher level. Using every available asset, building on each to create new assets. Satellite can assist you gain that next level.

Today, a brand's toughest challenge is making a real connection with a consumer-- to forge a bond that will turn them not only into brand loyalists, but into brand advocates. As one of the country's leading marketing and media firms, we currently have a simple philosophy. We focus on reaching consumers exclusively WHEN they are most receptive - when life itself slows them down.