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After years of living the life of the cobbler's kids - the ones with no shoes - we're excited to have a new website that does justice to the caliber of our marketing company, the talents within it, and the level of work we do for customers in Houston, the state of Texas, and beyond.

For over fifty years Business Extension Bureau has offered a complete array of commercial mailing capabilities and expert mail marketing services to regional and national firms. Business Extension Bureau today supplies a huge array of mailing services to an impressive list of highly-known regional and national organizations and businesses, from catalog mail outs to simple business announcements, from

This year Camp For All, was more then words can discribe. Thank goodness for the rain, yes a rainy camp weekend. No there was no mud wrestling, all though all of the ellemants was there to have a few matches. We discided to satisfy our new commers to camp this year. It was good meeting friends that I talk to on FaceBook, and finnally meeting them at camp.

Since 2003, TopSpot Internet Marketing has been helping firms plan, implement & measure their online marketing efforts. Most importantly, TopSpot understands that more internet traffic doesn't necessarily equal success. Our staff takes the time to understand your business aims how we can assist achieve them through online marketing.

Send Us An Email I'd like more information about CDS. CDS Market Research is a leading professional consulting company, delivering marketing research and economic analysis solutions to a huge range of public and private customers. CDS is qualified and experienced in the area of market and economic analysis pertaining to commercial and domestic real estate.

August 17, 2009 White Elephant: Can the candidates vying to be Houston's next mayor shake the outsized reputation of their popular predecessor? At Pierpont, we understand that being a market leader isn't about having the most press releases, or the most colorful brochures.

Our mission is to eliminate the mystery and frustration of information technology in the workplace. We educate our clients so that technology will become a tool for their success. Our custom solutions improve every kind of your business. Please don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss what your firm requirements.

We are a advertising and marketing agency in Houston, Texas. But we can assist anyone who requirements great, creative ideas. Houston, TX is lovely this time of year. Either way, do not forget to visit the gift shop.

Murphy Oil Corporation is an international oil and gas firm that conducts business through various operating subsidiaries. The Company produces oil and natural gas in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and Malaysia and conducts exploration activities worldwide. The Company owns refining and marketing operations in the US and the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Performance Systems, where we specialize in the marketing of innovative technologies and business development. With a huge array of activities, we find ourselves involved in the fields of Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Software/IT, Medical Equipment, Environment, Engineering, Security and Consumer Products. Behind all the products, machines, tools and devices are people...

Our staff will assist you score with your client and build your brand. Bullpen Marketing supplies promotional products that aid you score branding points with your clients. And we supply marketing services that aid you expand your business. When it comes to promotional products, we currently have one aim in mind.

With a creative legacy that spans 25 years in marketing and a stable of broadcast customers around the world, Doug Harris has gained a reputation as the world's premiere broadcast marketing consultant. A former Billboard Magazine Promotion Director of the Year, and the recipient of dozens of industry accolades, Harris has made a practice of out-thinking, rather than out-spending his competitors in

With our knowledge in a whole lot of diverse industries, Evershine Group can partner with you to assist give your product or service focus. We know it's about reaching beyond the immediate sale to create the long term relationship between you and your client.

Contact Sandy today for a FREE marketing assessment! In 2006, Perceptive Marketing teamed up with ArtistFirst Radio to create the Perceptive Marketing Hour. ArtistFirst World Radio Network is an Independent, Worldwide Online Radio Broadcaster that plays The Best New Music You've Never Heard 24 hours a day and features live interviews with independent bands, authors, and personalities.

WebAndNet is a web inventions firm located in Houston, Texas, USA. Our primary focus is to provide highly profitable, innovative web business models, marketing strategies, and websites for clients, by applying economic, marketing, system analyses, web strategies, and programming to evolve or create clients' web aims websites.

Their knowledge of our industry made them the only choice for us. At Upstream Marketing we specialize in industrial communication.We service all kinds of the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as, industries that include: Construction, Petrochemical, HPI, Refining, Plastics, Diving, Underwater Exploration, Engineering, Steel, Pipeline, Training and more.

In today's market, those who do not stay ahead are a world behind. SUMA Partners supplies tools along with the analysis and resulting insight to aid customers chart a decisive marketing course. These are the methods we use to facilitate the teamwork that can illuminate your opportunities for growth. And once we begin, we are dedicated to seeing your project through, whatever it takes.

FKM is all about taking brands from now to next. Helping firms that are under siege regain momentum. FKM is all about taking brands from now to next. Helping firms that are under siege regain momentum. We use all available channels to build a strong, singular voice with compelling messages, taking brands that have stalled and infusing new energy with bulletproof strategies that re-engage and keep the

Use just one or a few of our services, or implement complete, seamless turnkey solutions from front-end to, and including, back-end. We can assist you evolve mobile applications or games on the Iphone, Android and Blackberry. We love doing these kind of projects as they are always unique and challenging.

We build pretty, CSS standards compliant websites and just about everything else you find online. Online may be all the rage, but there's just something we all love about being able to touch and feel. Brushes, pencil, pens and pixels.

At GS Marketing, we supply full-service, integrated marketing solutions to Toyota dealers. From direct mail campaigns to specialized promotions to eBusiness solutions, we will aid you put together a plan that maximizes your marketing dollars while increasing your bottom line. It's our mission to assist you earn more client loyalty, more dealership advocacy and more profit.

Allen, Morgan & Shield s is a multi-faceted Business Consulting Firm that strives to supply those services that impact the net profitability of tiny to mid-size businesses. A business's bottom-line can be improved either by increasing SALES, and/or by REDUCING COST. We at AM&S have focused on several specific methods to achieve these aims.

Dr. Clark who has three technical and three business degrees from Texas A&M, Saint Louis University, Ohio State and the University of Houston served as the only Ph.D. on the biggest i.e., 200 person Kraft General Foods account of the world's biggest marketing research company A. C. Nielsen.

Amazing, but true: The Writers For Hire is one of the only companies in the nation to provide writing as its sole service. Writing and information marketing are our core focuses -- that means we build your projects around thoroughly researched, solidly planned, no-filler-fluff content. We craft the words that quarterback your ideas, close your sale, and do the legwork for your branding.

  • Professional copywriting services at affordable prices.

Barrett-Wehlmann is a Houston based, full-service marketing, advertising, branding and graphic design firm that supplies integrated marketing solutions for businesses. Barrett-Wehlmann is a Houston-based, full-service marketing, advertising, branding and graphic design firm that supplies integrated marketing solutions for businesses.

Established in 1991, the company supplies its customers services based on agreed-upon written objectives to suit specific target audiences. Marketing strategies are in turn implemented to accomplish the stated objectives. Kaplan Public Relations understands industry climates and customer positioning change from time to time.

One of our representatives will be pleased to help you. Thank you for choosing Floral Marketing International Group.

CRM Group Founded in 1988, the Centre for Refractive Marketing CRM Group was among the 1st consulting companies within the industry to specialize in marketing refractive services. From the early - and not so popular years -of marketing RK, to today's LASIK, Intacs and ICL procedures - CRM Group is accustomed to riding the winds of change in the rapidly expanding field of ophthalmology.

Standard European black ink cartridge. Reinforced handles for added durability. Big enough to do the job, tiny enough to care. We're part of your staff, here to support, implement and execute your corporate branding and marketing strategy. Whether leaping over obstacles to build a personal order, running faster than any deadline, springing great distances and heights to source new products, smashing

Helping our customers grow their business by creating and designing the tools they use to tell their story in a memorable and effective way is the real focus of our business. In this age of media overload, it's important to have marketing and promotional materials that slice through all the clutter with clarity.

PR legend Leonard Saffir lists Bayou City Public Relations as one of the nations top boutique PR companies in new book, PR On a Budget... Edible Software grabs headlines in Seafood Business News after latest software launch. 2004, Sharon and her firm helped my firm see coverage in USA Today., Priority - and a pretty cover story in Houston Woman Magazine e.

A world in which the nation's biggest minority is its most promising market. A world in which money poured into Hispanic marketing initiatives gets a much better ROI than budgets allocated to the general market. So the question is not whether you should include Hispanics in your marketing efforts. REALITY can assist you tap into this new world of loyal clients and incremental revenues.

These key elements drive your business, keep you ahead of the pack, shorten the sales cycle. You have seconds to have impact and engage your audience, to get them to want to know more. Our mission is to assist customers define their brand and evolve the tools and techniques to communicate it.

Direct mail marketing for the automotive industry. W e offer direct mail, promotional presents, premium giveaways, prize insurance, staffed events, and more. ACC can assist your firm succeed with our Automotive Direct Marketing Campaigns. I have been doing business with Brian Covault and ACC for 8 straight years. Their professionalism and results are unmatched.

Apparel and Promotional products produced to advertise and promote your corporate logo and brand identity. We specialize in Embroidered and Screen printed Wearables. Shop 500,000 + imprinted promotional products and specialty advertising merchandise.

Promotional products supply advertisers with high recall, repeated exposure, a more favorable impression of the advertiser, and an increased desire to do business with the organization giving the item. It's only logical that the more times a promotional product is used, the more frequent the memory of the recipient is jogged about the firm, its products and/or its service.

A nationally recognized leader in network-marketing and the corporate arena, Brian McClure is a successful entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar track record. As a current Ambit Energy top income earner and former Executive Senior Director & Top Income Earner at Excel Communications, Brian sponsors, mentors, motivates and grows Ambit leaders to gain unprecedented incomes.

Since 1979, The Wiseman Company has offered creative advertising, marketing and media production services to discriminating corporate, artistic, and performance-oriented clientele. E v e n t P l a n n i n g M a d e E a s y! You plan the date, time & place.

Hollinden is the professional services marketing company. We create marketing programs that build brands and drive practice development for professional service companies.

Edge Creative Strategies is a marketing communications company that, in its 25th year, has dedicated itself to working for nonprofit organizations and altruistic businesses. If your organization is out to improve lives, communities, our nation or the world, then count us in. Our goal is to serve people who are serving others. And we will feel privileged to serve you.

In the competitive environment of design and construction there's only one way to win. A clear, strong voice with a strategy to match. A way to stand out from the crowd. The Lentz Group supplies the guidance, tools and experience to assist you win. Since 1987, we currently have helped architects, engineers, contractors, environmental planners and other specialty consultants to the built environment

Rhino Automotive - A full-service advertising agency serving single and multi-line car dealers across the US, providing creative ad campaigns, media buying, marketing strategy, promotions, print production.

I have just completed a labor of love, a book about Lamar Hunt and his efforts to build a new professional football league. Lamar was my lifelong friend and he was taken too soon. This book honors the man and tells the inside story of the American Football League that few know. He was an amazing man who did fantastic things. All profit from this book will go towards creating a Lamar Hunt award.

In three words, web page promotion. The reality is it does not work very well. What's needed is a distinct Internet marketing strategy utilizing separate marketing techniques from traditional advertising. They don't offer ongoing, web page promotion which is crucial for continued web page success.

Eventive Promotions. is an event based marketing firm and our mission is to supply event based marketing services for a huge array of customers. We represent customers who are looking to market themselves in an exceptional manner. Eventive Promotions has built a successful training program that is tailored to produce top- notch managers for the national accounts of existing and new customers.

Take a look at a sample lead generation report. You can choose from the two options we've offered for you below. Ultimately our success is built on your success. We will implement your specific campaign needs. This is our 1st venture into seeking out call center services. You and the Dunlap Marketing staff have gained 5x the miniscule amount we're paying you!

Nortech is a Houston based sales and marketing organization, representing manufacturers from US, Europe and the Far East. Nortech and their international partners supply a array of best quality products and services.

Brown Nelson is a complete-service international public relations agency specializing in the development and preservation of business reputations, including community relations, crisis and issues management, business-to-business, and litigation communications. Most of the agency's customers are in the energy, chemical, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

Creative Design & Marketing is a complete-service marketing and promotional products firm. You've come to the correct site. Our Promotional Line site is committed to environmentally friendly promotional products. Feel free to browse though our huge range of eco-friendly products, and if you have any questions, just let us know.

We are driven to provide and just as innovative in the way we play. From basics to big breakthroughs, tap us for profound expertise and plenty of nice times. When the time is right, we can add cool accessories like email marketing, social media and more, giving your brand the image it requirements to make it big in the world.

The Turning Point Group drives results by helping organizations retain their finest clients and patients by increasing their lifetime value. Let's face it; keeping clients engaged is a challenge. Your competitors are always there, trying to take away market share. Attracting clients is one thing - keeping them is another.

Webxites is one of the nation's 50 fastest growing technology firms and leading on-line marketing and advertising firms. We specialize in the development of comprehensive internet marketing campaigns for tiny to mid-sized businesses.

We look ahead to serving you for all of your promotional product requirements. Our site will enable you to search 1000's of promotional products, giveaways and ideas. You can even save items you have found in your own individual wish list for future events! If you are searching for a specific corporate gift or giveaway item, please let us know and our research team will be pleased to find it for you.

Great website popularity management firms are not only popular themselves, more importantly; they give popularity to whatever they touch. If you have spent hours in the gym, toiling and sweating to build yourself a great set of abs, don't you think it would be unusually stupid not to show it off? You have great products or service and a sleek website.

Want your slice of the e-commerce pie? We provide the services to get your business on the web and performing. In-depth analysis and report make it easy to apply your budget effectively. By becoming a staff member, we seek to build a relationship where your requirements are served and your online presence is successful.

Quantum Identity Group is the affordable alternative to big consultancies, providing a huge range of marketing communications, business development, and executive coaching solutions. Please feel free to explore our Website to learn more about our products and services. Our friendly team is always prepared to answer your questions.