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It's a tiny world, but I wouldn't want to paint it. Our work is 100% custom, designed and developed right here in Louisville, KY. We provide great rates, quick turnaround, and exceptional individual service! Be the 1st on your block to buzz!

If you are a business owner, chances are you know you need to advertise. YOU know who your potential client is, but you lack the time personally to manage your clients, employees, day to day business AND an advertising campaign. By outsourcing your advertising to Opaque Media, it enables you to devote your time to what is most important, YOUR clients&YOUR employees&YOUR business!

Established in 1993, Abel Associates specializes in public relations, media relations, and crisis media management. We see our services as a tool to assist you build or enhance your firm's image with your publics customers, prospects, and employees through effective, targeted, and strategic communications.

Visit the BuilderRadio Bookstore for these and other titles. Privacy Statement All individual information you submit will be held in strictest confidence and will not be shared with 3rd party vendors, advertisers or promoters. BuilderRadio is your #1 source for sales training programs and materials to assist you get more traffic, convert more leads and close more sales.

Today, maintaining and protecting your market amid fierce competition and rapid-fire industry change requires solving complex issues. It's a time where no one's future is assured. If marketing planning falters, an occupancy goal that looked like a sure thing can suddenly become a pipe dream. While senior housing has never been a simple business, today it's more complicated than ever before.

Ask your marketing, promotional or printing question here... Tina and Ken are excellent marketing coaches. Combining years of real world experience with their commitment to the success of their customers, you're sure to find great value in working with them. Guerrilla Marketing places highly effective, affordable marketing strategies and tactics within the reach of anyone who wants to use them.

Is your website built, being built or still the next big thing? KBK Marketing doesn't practice any of these techniques. KBK Marketing are experts in Reputation Management and Shopping Cart Abandonment.

ProMoter. is a tiny marketing communications company with bright ideas, great people and more than twenty five years in the business. We'll take the time to listen to you. We'll ask questions to aid us learn about your business. And, we will take a look at where you've been and where you would like to go.

3rd Wave Marketing was f ounded by Ron Rogers in 1996 as a liaison between independent hardware retailers, distributors and hardware cooperatives on one hand and manufacturers on the other. Over the years, Third Wave Marketing has evolved from a one-man basement office to a thriving five person sales, marketing and client service organization with the main office situated in Lexington, KY and a branch

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a staff of well motivated and dedicated individuals working together toward a common goal; achieving success with integrity. FHTM has allowed 1000's of individuals, regardless of education, experience or current financial situation, to gain their financial aims by becoming FHTM business owners.

Marketing Services Group specializes in sales to Industrial Catalog Houses nationwide. We supply the suppliers we represent with a focused sales approach to huge national accounts such as W.W. Grainger in Chicago, MSC Supply in New York, McMaster Carr in Chicago, Johnstone Supply in Portland as well as many others throughout the country.

Since 1987, dmr has focused exclusively on developing performance-driven marketing communication campaigns that achieve results. As the industry's only marketing strategists, dmr combines the science of marketing communications with the art of message development to create customer campaigns that achieve short-term objectives and lasting results.

Take your business to the next level. Advertising is a firm of words, but advertising agencies are infested with women and men who cannot write. They cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. They are helpless as deaf mutes on the aspect of the Metropolitan Opera.

Sites like Yahoo and Amazon have used it for years. It's what enables them to say, Hi Joe and deliver the content in which you are most interested. But it has never been used in this manner to provide a truly personalized message in real-time based on actual market research. Any copywriter knows that there are bullets, features and benefits that will most appeal to you, the personal.

Tri-Com originated in 1992 to provide the top spin needed to support Triangle Talent's entertainment related business and has evolved into an independent, versatile firm. Our practical common sense approach to marketing and promotion has enabled us to help our customers in thinking outside the box.

One word: Strategy It drives everything that we do. Whether it's a public relations initiative or an advertising campaign, we know there are some variables to discuss. We take our customers' objectives, consider the environment in which they operate-from industry trends to political implications-and provide a product that achieves desired results.

Talking about Social Media - Serif Group owner Bill Powell educates businesses on how to use social media effectively. Intro to Social Media Workshop - Do you want to know how to use Twitter? Should you use Twitter for business? How can it aid you and not overwhelm you? Commerce Lexington Nomination : The Serif Group was one of three finalist for 2008 Independent Professional of the Year.

Our pay-for-performance-based fee structure keeps us focused on helping our customers steadily increase their sales and improve their campaigns' ROI. We want to produce stunning results like these for your firm. Contact us today to consider your advertising requirements or get a free critique of your existing campaign. Want to keep campaign management in house? Ask about our mentoring/training services.

Blackstone Media is a solutions firm. We supply custom software solutions that can assist businesses handle almost any task automatically. We believe, and will guarantee, you will find no better service and support anywhere. If you are available to harness the strength of the internet and web-based applications to take your business, non-profit or creative endeavor to the next level, Blackstone Media's

Although your website may look nice, people must be capable to find and use it for the site to be of any value. But we consider usability, optimization and marketing when developing a website. In addition to becoming a powerful sales tool, your website will be an extension of your business. It may be the 1st impression given to new and potential clients.