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The marriage of marketing and technology has created a whole new world for businesses. Our goal is to assist our customers harness the strength of these new options and profitably apply them to their firm's marketing goals. Partners Mona Burtz and Jon O'Dowd have joined their extensive marketing and technology backgrounds together to provide you the right of both applications that

As the biggest generation segment, the Baby Boomers, begin moving towards retirement, a new generation steps up to take over the reigns of the financial world. We have already witnessed their influence as online banking, bill pay, comprehensive websites, and debit cards are now financial service norms. Banks and Credit Unions can go tit-for-tat when it comes to products and services.

Breakthrough Direct Marketing. is a direct and targeted marketing firm that supplies direct marketing solutions to a huge array of local, regional, and national consumer, business-to-business and one to one marketers. We are vertical market experts committed to quality and service. We understand that each client has his or her own preference as to color, copy, layout and design.

INCREASE YOUR SALES NOW! Postcard Marketing is fast, very effective and IdeaGear can assist! Whether you are an ecommerce, B2B or B2C firm, our one to one, personalized postcards can dramatically improve your overall marketing plan.

One of the interesting things about marketing is that the steps to success are well defined and proven. Yet most people decide to skip one or more of the steps then wonder why it didn't work. I don't want to have to work through the process, taking each step at a time, not moving forward until I've completed that step. Seems a wealth of people operate like this, too.

So what the heck is Perceptivity? It's the combination of two important words when tackling a marketing challenge: Perception and Creativity. These two concepts are brought to every Perceptivity project to ensure a sound strategic foundation with an exceptional interpretation.

No other firm combines our array of service with our focus: bringing out the finest in businesses of any size. Do you own a tiny or medium sized business? Do you want access to the same marketing tools that major corporations use? We're your opportunity to hire an entire staff of specialists, evolve an internet marketing strategy, and implement it to drive the next level of success.

We implement big firm ideas on a tiny budget. At Mosaic Marketing on the Bay, all the pieces come together to make sure your marketing initiatives do what they're supposed to do--increase sales and client loyalty! We know what it takes to put together a great marketing strategy and to implement an effective marketing campaign.