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3rd Wave Marketing was f ounded by Ron Rogers in 1996 as a liaison between independent hardware retailers, distributors and hardware cooperatives on one hand and manufacturers on the other. Over the years, Third Wave Marketing has evolved from a one-man basement office to a thriving five person sales, marketing and client service organization with the main office situated in Lexington, KY and a branch

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a staff of well motivated and dedicated individuals working together toward a common goal; achieving success with integrity. FHTM has allowed 1000's of individuals, regardless of education, experience or current financial situation, to gain their financial aims by becoming FHTM business owners.

Take your business to the next level. Advertising is a firm of words, but advertising agencies are infested with women and men who cannot write. They cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. They are helpless as deaf mutes on the aspect of the Metropolitan Opera.

Sites like Yahoo and Amazon have used it for years. It's what enables them to say, Hi Joe and deliver the content in which you are most interested. But it has never been used in this manner to provide a truly personalized message in real-time based on actual market research. Any copywriter knows that there are bullets, features and benefits that will most appeal to you, the personal.

One word: Strategy It drives everything that we do. Whether it's a public relations initiative or an advertising campaign, we know there are some variables to discuss. We take our customers' objectives, consider the environment in which they operate-from industry trends to political implications-and provide a product that achieves desired results.

Talking about Social Media - Serif Group owner Bill Powell educates businesses on how to use social media effectively. Intro to Social Media Workshop - Do you want to know how to use Twitter? Should you use Twitter for business? How can it aid you and not overwhelm you? Commerce Lexington Nomination : The Serif Group was one of three finalist for 2008 Independent Professional of the Year.

To be the preferred source of business promotions, printing, incentive awards, and custom apparel for everyone in our market area! We are a certified tiny minority-owned firm with three separate divisions to supply our regular customers, qualified accounts, and contract customers with promotional products, business printing, and custom apparel featuring their logo or promotional message.