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With 21 high-volume complete service supermarkets and 5 food outlet - type stores we provide our clients from the most visible warehouse supermarket chain in the New York metropolitan area. Our stores, located in neighborhoods with huge populations and ethnic diversity, continually refine, improve and implement their marketing strategies in order to increase client service and sales.

We are committed to amplifying and accelerating positive conversation around your brand, and appropriately handling negative feedback, too. We build communities on popular social networks where your consumers are spending a majority of their time. We then engage with your community through listening, communicating and innovative interactions.

Mission Statement: Teeter Marketing Services supplies highly responsive, integrated technical and marketing services for firms in the high performance materials field. Frederick J. Teeter Fred is a ceramic engineer with over three decades knowledge in residential and international sales and marketing issues.

Are you struggling trying to figure out how to take your business to the next level? If so, you need a firm that specializes in helping businesses make more money leveraging the internet and technology! Let's face it, marketing drives a business. On the same token, you may spend millions of dollars marketing your business, but only 20% of that is worthwhile.

YOUR business brochures look great, but do they really supply the unbiased, in-depth, information that YOUR preferred target market s are looking for? They want up-to-date material, specifications, and reviews to assist them make the correct decision. Does YOUR web page convert effectively?

But most importantly we aim to be part of your staff. Beyondus assists businesses of all kinds create market presence and solve problems. We work to understand your business. And with our staff approach, our specialists can weigh in with diverse viewpoints to arrive at the highest solution tailored to you.

Mary Ann Lauricella is president/owner of Lauricella Public Relations Co., a communication consulting business which she established in 1989. The company, which is certified as a D/WBE by New York State, supplies services to businesses, individuals and not-for-profits. Newspaper Journalist Mary Ann had an award winning newspaper career, which she started as a teenager, by joining the Buffalo Courier-Express.

A recent project caused me to locate some Craigslist stats. Here is one that most of you'll find useful toward your own marketing efforts. There are certain cities that are huge for obvious reasons. Some are simply due to the population, but others are strong due to the roll out of Craigslist. You can possibly tell by the list that Craigslist was established in San Francisco.