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The Pattison Group makes it easy for you to use merchandise to enhance your firm brand. It's important to us that you find exactly the product you're searching for, if you do not see the item you need, we can order it for you. Whether you're searching for logo corporate presents, tradeshow items, coffee mugs, water bottles, or other imprinted promotional items for a huge event, you can customize and

Developing a testing plan that fits your aims. We are a tiny group of well experienced direct marketing specialists who work hands-on to assist you receive the most out of your DM programs. Our experience includes lead generation, client acquisition, membership programs, client-base marketing, fundraising, and just about every other kind of direct mail you can imagine.

Seattle Branding and Graphic Design creative staff. Brand marketing and identity design. Branding and brand marketing by Seattle logo and creative designers Design Kompany. Coming up this month in Seattle. Decibel 2008 was really well organized and a wealth of fun. Definitely swing by this time around if you're in town. Interesting to see that their website this year has stripes.

Connect your clients-to your technology, to your marketing efforts, and to each other. Connect your information-bringing together comprehensive data and deep industry knowledge to provide actionable insights that aid drive technology adoption.

From design to delivery, The Color Group supplies a one-stop source for all of your commercial printing, marketing and production requirements. Creating and printing under one roof saves not only money and time but potential headaches and heartaches. We combine flexibility and professionalism providing customers a powerful partnership.

WrightRobbins is an innovative consultancy that delivers end-to-end solutions. We integrate our unique expertise in strategic marketing and learning consulting to empower your team and assist you reach a competitive edge with your clients, partners and vendors.

No longer can firms afford the twin silos of Sales and Marketing, they must work together. PSG Consulting. is an award winning, consulting company specializing in strategic planning and recurring marketing counsel, on an outsourced basis. Our focus is on firms selling products and services to other businesses and government entities. The firm was established on two principles.

Commissioned by Merkle and conducted by Forrester Consulting, the study highlights key findings from a survey involving 149 senior-level marketers from U.S. firms in industries such as consumer and high-tech products manufacturing, financial services, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and many others.

Canwest today announced a partnership with Chicago based ShopLocal which will see Canwest as the exclusive provider of ShopLocal products and services in Canada. Want to see ShopLocal products in action? Get up close and individual with the strength of Paper Boy and SmartCatalog. The nation's top retailers work with ShopLocal.

With more than twenty years knowledge in strategic promotions and merchandise solutions, Tom has a clear vision: create a multi-faceted promotional marketing firm that combines creative, strategic, and design services with promotional merchandise. Clever, high impact solutions for customers that go beyond their expectations.

For over twenty years, Leigh Stowell & Company has been the leader in providing media and entertainment firms with customized market segmentation research and consulting services. Like no other firm, we prepare tailored programs that deliver superior marketing and sales results for our customers, and for our customers' customers.

The BlueStar Group, established in 2001 is the leading supplier of interactive marketing services. BlueStar was one of the firt suppliers of Online Transactional marketing programs for retailers, distributors and manufacturers interested in marketing to web-based consumers.

Making websites healthy & businesses productive. Through education and free initial consultations, we raise the users awareness. On request, we can supply references from our many customers who anxiously want to say great things about us; who we're and what we can do for you. Why are we so helpful and generous?

Seattle is a visually inspiring location and it is part of the reason that our passion is visual communication. It is this passion which pushes us to create the most attractive website and/or marketing materials we can while still clearly conveying your unique brand and marketing message.

Products, Services and Solutions designed exclusively for the Automotive Service Provider. Using a range of marketing products and tools, Pit Crew Marketing can assist attract quality, targeted clients to your auto repair and service business. We strengthen your brand awareness, evolve client loyalty and assist you to acquire new clients.

Public relations is defined as the actions of a corporation, store, government or personal, in promoting goodwill between itself and the public; the community, employees and clients. It seems simple, but how does it actually work? In today's competitive business world firms have to build a point of differentiation, not just in the products and services they supply, but in how they interact with their

These days, communications expertise comes in all different packages. No matter how some agencies try to dress it up with opulent offices, colossal staffs and lots of expensive overhead, it all comes down to people - especifically the PR specialists who will work directly on your business. We know the drill, because we have been there.

Reach new clients with highly targeted domestic and business lists. Find accurate contact information for your incomplete or outdated list. Add demographic information to your contact lists for improved targeting. Industry Solutions - we do the work, so you do not have to. Connect with new residents of wired homes.

Social Media gifts new and exciting opportunities for brands to better understand and connect with their clients online. At Spring Creek Group, we assist our customers monitor and analyze their brand equity online, evolve their social media marketing strategy, and build their social media brand presence and customer engagement programs.

Thanks for your interest in our business. Thanks for sharing our business. For exceptional public relations services from strategic planning to tactical implementation choose Pointer PR. We supply public relations, media relations, PR training programs and crisis communications for well-founded brands as well as earlier-stage firms.

According to Wikipedia, Professional services are technical or unique functions performed by independent contractors or organizations comprised of consultants whose occupation is the rendering of such services. While not limited to licentiates individuals holding professional licences, the services are considered professional and the relationship may vary from partnerships, to companies or organizations

Chair 10 Marketing is your Internet marketing partner. We aid businesses through the country gain their aims using Internet marketing programs. Strategy and implementation of ongoing email campaigns with your client base to initial sales, repeat sales and positive word-of-mouth for your business.

With Fahrenheit's continued effort to revolutionize the Fashion Headwear and Jacket industry, we supply unbeatable pricing, the best quality, with legendary and innovative fashions. When you need a heads up in the Headwear and Jacket industry, turn to.

Owen Media was established on the premise that strategic thought and creative thinking are finest served by intelligent, nimble organizations that are results-focused, not process-oriented. After working at the world's biggest advertising, design and PR companies, the senior staff at Owen Media agreed that technology and globalization changed the rules so that focused teams of experts outperform agencies

Projects in the wired world tend to be fast-paced and dynamic. See how our branding, marketing and interactive efforts helped these technology firms keep the cutting edge looking sharp. Meet and network with other local business specialists and see how creating meaningful connections can increase the value of your brand. What will the people of tomorrow think?

Give us a call or send us an email. We're ready to focus the strength of Video and Web Video on your Marketing and Training Goals.

Point It has been exceedingly helpful and responsive to my requirements, and I recommend them highly. Point It focuses on the whole sales pipeline and determines how finest to contribute to a firm's lead generation, branding and sales.

Increase your sales; create a buzz, improve and engage your target client! 2009 message: In challenging times such as the present, your brand or firm can benefit from cause marketing. As a partner, matching donations or driving volunteers - your contributions will enhance your brand, your bottom-line and the soul of your community!

TsuluWerks makes it possible for organizations to increase cash flow, enhance competitiveness, and improve efficiency. We do this by identifying opportunities and leveraging the strengths that make each organization unique. We aid you envision the possibilities, then make them happen. Don't miss a beat: have TsuluViews provided to your inbox. Blaze your path to Shamelessness.

We're getting lots of compliments on our ad in Coffee News. It has become a source of pride for many of our constituents to see our ads in your popular publication. I really want to extend our contract to include the Queen Anne & Magnolia issues when you're ready for that venture.

Overlake Farms is a grower owned fruit marketing firm. We grow our blueberries in the pretty Northwest states of Washington and Oregon and work with berry growers around the world to ensure a year long provide of nature's finest fruits. We wanted to let you know that we currently have a new addition to our website.

We evolve, plan and execute strategic events that are exclusively shaped around your business aims objectives. The end result is a program that is both measurable and meaningful to your audience, firm and stakeholders.

It's not often you will find the principal of a PR company who has held executive level positions in marketing, business development and product management. It's what separates Scoville's perspective of public relations from that of other companies. It's what enables us to fundamentally understand the role that PR plays within the bigger framework of a customer's goals.

Goodworks Media specializes in helping organizations of all kinds effectively, and successfully, market themselves on the web. We don't fill you up with marketing hype - we learn about your firm, then design a solution that is unique to what you do. We take what we've learned, and create a roadmap. Design and evolve the product - strategy in motion. Collect data, do analysis, and take measurements.

Web 1 Marketing assists firms increase sales and profits by employing a range of online marketing techniques. We improve client conversion through web analytics, statistical and usability analyses, and corresponding website improvements. Website conversion and usability analysis - Understand where you get leads from, where you lose them, and how to improve conversion.