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You know your products and services. But are you really reaching them? Are you using the correct messages to evolve your brand, create trust, and market your business for maximum results? At Barking Shelby Communications, we know the correct questions to ask and can supply answers based on knowledge and expertise.

We are a firm built on a platform of love, learning and respect. A place where customers and creators work together in an atmosphere of trust, ingenuity, talent and laughter. But beware, we're not a firm for the faint of heart - here you will find a brave, gifted and highly integrated machine. We have all the disciplines of marketing living and playing together right here; LP &G breeds ideas.

Since 1986, Hilton & Myers has provided award-winning, results-oriented campaigns for several of the West's most successful firms. It begins with experience, talent, research and hard work. Clearly defining marketing objectives Understanding who your client is, and what they want Developing an effective branding strategy based on sound research Producing advertising materials that communicate those

Bromberg Consulting assists you steer those perceptions in the direction you desire, creating an ongoing competitive advantage for your firm. Our methods supply you with a sound foundation while recognizing the unique profile of each customer situation, provided by people with the correct knowledge and insights for any challenge.

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools you can have. Working with us, your website will stand out from the crowd, blending your vision and our creativity. Our cutting-edge Internet marketing and measuring tools will keep your website up-to-date and up to speed. You can focus on other important things. We'll take attention of your website.

Anchor Wave Internet Solutions assists businesses establish, re-create and/or re-direct their web presence. We take a planned approach to building websites and conduct extensive market research to assist you act on a successful course of action. Constructing a website that accurately represents your firm and assists you reach your business objectives is our aim.

Established in 1991, Gordley Design Group works with organizations during times of growth and/or transition to aid reposition the image of existing brands across all points of consumer contact. We have unique expertise in assessing an organization's image, helping to define its core messages and repositioning it with its target markets.

In Tucson Arizona Your business depends on creative and affordable ways to increase revenues, be more profitable and keep ahead of your competition. IdeaMagic is your idea source for innovative, fresh and personalized answers to your marketing challenges. IdeaMagic is here to your rescue!IdeaMagic visionary marketing is the tiny business marketing expert in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

FMR Associates. specializes in strategic research for the communications industry. Objective Research - Research is FMR's only business. FMR is not owned by another broadcast group, nor offers related services like program consultation, telemarketing, direct mail, etc. FMR's research is not a selling tool for other services. Nor are there competitive conflicts of interest.

Our agents are dedicated to targeted client penetration versus mass-market appeal. We are a marketing resource for organizations who need cost-effective marketing strategy development and specific promotions implementation.

An internet marketing consultant for people who want their business online and on-track, but need hands-on aid piecing the internet jigsaw puzzle together. Dan Hollings, an experienced entrepreneur, internet marketing consultant, trainer and web developer. Creator of the internet marketing strategy behind big name companys, well known trainers, movies and even little known ordinary folk.