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Strategic public relations services aid customers maneuver in challenging and competitive circumstances. Our unique combination of public relations and grass roots lobbying capabilities allows us to tailor campaigns to the specific requirements of each personal clientfrom huge corporations to trade associations to nonprofit organizations.

We've won the trust of our customers by developing a deep knowledge of their businesses, thinking strategically and helping shape influence through our broad array of talent, experience and twenty five years of knowledge. As one of the biggest independent public relations companies in the world, we currently have a global staff of well seasoned, highly motivated, and extremely skilled experts.

Mac Mannes wins the M Awards Mac Mannes. is the winner of the American Marketing Association M Awards in the Promotional Product category. This year it was for Giant Pencil for Mac Mannes; in 2008, it was GW Map for George Washington University; and, in 2007, it was Bug Tie for National Pest Management Association.

You have come to the best place! GCD Writing and Marketing is a Washington, D.C.-based firm with the experience and the contacts you need to reach your business aims. Whether through a stunning Web site, a profitable direct mail package, an effective press release, or engaging sales and marketing copy, we will evolve the material needed to assist you succeed.

We provide big agency expertise with tiny agency care, efficiency and fees. Nothing beats nice word of mouth, and we know how to get your clients talking. We know what to say, how to write it, and where it should go on the page. We operate as a virtual organization that handles trade fairs, galas, meetings and more.

The company was awarded a US General Services Administration GSA contract for the Federal Acquisition Service FAS with another staff member. Under this BPA task, orders can be issued where Gallagher & Gallagher. will help GSA in performing event planning, public outreach, training, public relations and plan developments and the BPA is accessible to all GSA business lines.

BLANK is a complete-service creative company providing a multi disciplinary approach to print, web and marketing. For over ten years, corporate, commercial, professional, non-profit and government industries have come to rely on our creativity.

Connected, creative, strategic and cutting edge, Jaffe's law company public relations, legal marketing, design and technology consultants consistently bring the finest thinking and most effective tools to satisfy our overriding goal: to provide dramatic returns on our customers' public relations and marketing investments. We don't just prepare reports, plans and strategies, We Make It Happen!

Donald A. Holzworth, Chairman of the Board of Futures Group International, has been appointed to a 4-year term on the President's Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS PACHA. PACHA is a 21-member organization of experts appointed to advise the President and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on programs and policies intended to promote effective prevention of HIV disease, and to advance research

Established in 1973, Hager Sharp is an independent public relations company known for its outstanding customer service. The company's founder, Susan Hager, founded an environment where teams thrive on achieving results for customers. With 35 employees, the public relations practice is huge enough to possess the depth of talent required for national campaigns, yet tiny and flexible enough to tailor

Launching a new anti-aging skin care product by seeding media interest and building celebrity buzz. Chandler Chicco Agency is a complete-service, global healthcare public relations company. Founded in 1995 by healthcare public relations veterans Bob Chandler and Gianfranco Chicco, we supply customers with insight-driven communications strategies thatthrough innovative and powerful programsbuild, enhance

For over twenty five years, Anas Marketing & Management has developed a successful reputation of delivering the correct solutions for our customer requirements. It's the team of our two divisions - Association Management and Marketing & Design, whose experience, dedication to detail and friendliness are continually applauded by our customers.

There are so many people talking. It's difficult to communicate an opinion, thought or product benefit if your agency isn't listening to your aims ideas. And we are going to ensure your message is heard. With your input and our communications experience, we will get your target audience's attention.

Level Interactive simplifies the science behind successful online marketing strategies. The mission is to make your ePresence get results - results that can be quantified and improved upon. Level Interactive's work and success is built on combining the aesthetic and analytic - two keys which, when in balance, unlock the puzzle to successful online marketing.

Moving Minds is a strategic marketing and Internet consultancy focused on creating big, bold brands and backing them up with integrated, multi-channel marketing programs that attract, retain and deepen your relationships with prospects and clients. From world-class creative that fills your pipeline and improves the overall client experience to developing new products and services to generate a greater

Whether your firm requires a simple logo or a complete marketing plan, Jake's project managers and creative and production teams will support your marketing efforts with the commitment you expect from your own team. From day one, whether it's our 1st partnership with you or a long-standing initiative, we treat each engagement as if it were our 1st.

Local solutions with a global perspective, social entrepreneurship, connecting people in their communities and around the world. That is the mission of Grillo & Company, established in 1991 by communications and marketing executive Rosa M. Grillo. While delivering a broad array of corporate, government and public relations services, Grillo takes a broader approach to consulting, helping customers connect

Triad Communication uses the science of Project Management to produce measurable results in Public Affairs and Marketing. The Triad Way is a focused and disciplined process applied to the ART of Communication. The Triad Way supplies a framework that keeps control while enabling flexibility so that your communication strategy is implemented to reach your business aims.

Nexus Direct Where innovation meets results. A complete service direct marketing agency. An agile organization designed for innovation, exceptional service, and providing better results. About Nexus In a business where success is dictated solely by achieving better results for customers, we currently have excelledand our own results demonstrate it.

And trust is the foundation upon which relationships are built. Newly named SVP to lead multiple accounts at direct marketing agency. Check out our latest executions in a range of media and see why our customers - and the ad critics - like what we are doing.

Spectrum is a complete-service communications agency that specializes in science and health. Founded in 1996, Spectrum brings over a decade of outstanding results in media and public relations, public affairs, advocacy and regulatory affairs, branding, and digital communications. Our staff of science, health, and communications experts works in collaboration to aid ensure our customers' success.

Our one of a kind publicity and marketing campaigns surpass competitors. With capabilities including: Printing and Design, Consumer Product Packaging, Corporate Branded Premiums and Incentives, and Social Networking, JUST TO NAME A FEW, we provide a turnkey solution to nearly everything needed to win potential customers.

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It is the one certainty in today's environment - change is inevitable. Dynamic market conditions necessitate the timely and continuous deployment of thoughtful strategies and approaches. Both external and internal stakeholders increasingly demand results that materially increase profitability, productivity and quality while maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

Established in 1978, Market Development Group. MDG and affiliates have counseled over 500 organizations on marketing, promotions, advertising, fundraising and increasing public visibility to suit customer goals. Our success is defined by customer organizations who repeatedly return to MDG for counsel, and by their clients who make financial decisions and volunteer presents to the promotions we manage.

Our Internet marketing consultants aid businesses grow because we emphasize benefits and value over price. We identify unique value within your firm, create an affordable Web marketing strategy for reaching decision makers, and implement tactics that ensure messaging reaches your online audience.

Integrated Marketing executions focus and build synergy that propels your business ahead. Branding and imaging strategies capture and captivate your markets and build loyalty. New product launches open new markets and expand your competitive edge. Public Relations initiatives enhance market visibility and generate leads. Sales tools and tactics empower and energize your staff - and build profits.

Anne Abernathy Powerful motivational speaker, a six-time Olympic Athlete, who beats the odds every time! John Andrews Founder and CEO of The Shakespeare Guild illuminates the cultural institutions in the arts and humanities. John P. Avlon Provocative political columnist and author of Independent Nation, John combines politics with wit and experience.

DC Affairs is a complete-service event planning and management firm committed to delivering you with creative, customized and cost-efficient solutions. We'll handle your event marketing, event productions, corporate meeting planning, conference planning, event/meeting coordination, and corporate travel plans.

Located in Washington, D.C., Street Sampling is a fringe supplier of experiential marketing, engaging solutions that drive purchases, inspire action, lead to understanding, generate word of mouth, and enhance marketing ROI. We provide equipment and talent NATIONWIDE.

Vanguard Communications is an award-winning public relations and social marketing company located in Washington, D.C. We exclusively promote social issues through innovative approaches to media relations, multicultural outreach, online marketing, event planning, graphic design, public affairs and grassroots promotion.

Cambridge Strategic Partners is a Washington D.C. based consulting company delivering comprehensive business, public policy, and marketing strategies for both long-founded and up-and-coming companies. We specialize in seeking out and capitalizing on business and media opportunities for firms that are navigating the risks of market uncertainties with the aim of becoming industry leaders.

Levick Strategic Communications builds brand equity and protects reputations during the highest-stakes global communications challenges of the digital age. We are in the business of changing minds. We are chosen by more law companies to manage legal media, marketing, and public relations for high-profile cases than any other PR company in the world.

Warren Communications News. is the leading publisher of hard news on telecom, broadcasting, the Internet and the user electronics industries. Review our award-winning news services, without obligation, by signing up for a free trial. Simply choose a Service Area at left. NET NEUTRALITY RULEMAKING notice to be announced by Genachowski. Some offices kept in the dark.

Kotler Marketing Group is a global consulting and training company, specializing in sales and marketing. Our philosophy is built on the work of Philip Kotler, the world's leading strategic marketer. Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine client value.

You tell us and we will tell the world. We're tiny, swift and creativea full-service marketing and public relations agency committed to personalized solutions across a wide spectrum of expertise. Whether growing a business, developing and maintaining an image, or promoting an event, Swanson Communications assists you gain your aims. Read more about what we do or who we do it for.

Some firms have a remarkable capability to turn risky public situations to their advantage; others don't. Take the worst-case scenario - a crisis. The public fallout can be large. How a crisis is managed can mean the difference between bankruptcy and survival. Other forces at work in the public arena may not trigger a crisis but bring with them equally high stakes.

McKinney and Associates was established in 1990 by people who whole-heartedly embraced social justice as the heart of the company's craft. From the beginning, McKPR resolved to practice public relations with a conscience. McKinney has earned its reputation as a skilled advocate dedicated to the issues its customers advance.

For over a decade, Strategic Marketing Innovations SMI has been the premier choice in Washington for firms, universities, nonprofits and public entities seeking to secure federal funding and public policy for technology development. At SMI, we work in conjunction with our customers and decision makers within Congress, the Pentagon, Homeland Security and other Executive Branch agencies to evolve and

Whether you're searching for a marketing or interactive pro to join your staff or searching for your next career move, work with a staff that understands there's more to a search than just matching skills. Career Corner It's a tough market out there. And everyone, employed or not, should be tuned in.

Your web presence should be more than an online brochure. It should be a resource for your customers, potential customers, and team. Create an online resource for your teams to access important documents online. Your staff will be capable to share info in a jiffy, not to mention the nibble new business you'll pick up once you add mobile e-mail via Pocket PC, Blackberry, or Treo to the bevy of tools

By package, project, or campaign. Capital Creative specializes in marketing that builds your brand. Using all media, all the time. Capital Creative works for your brand by opening new channels of communication, promoting your firm through new venues, and solidifying relationships through traditional marketing promotions. We are communication specialists in a multichannel world.

At Abraham Harrison, online social media PR is what we do all day, every day, and have been doing for years. We're not an old-media PR shop trying to speedily jump on the new-school bandwagon, hoping we can figure it out and making all the mistakes on your dime. We are a well-practiced staff of 27 specialists who work exclusively in the social media world.